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This game is in flash?

Because when I start the game, don't show in the browser.

Thank's and sorry for the incovenience.

Hello! No, it is not a flash-game. You need to unzip the downloaded file and click on the .exe file :) After that game should be loaded.


cool, thank's ^_^

And I really liked the game.

So, I want to ask something... maybe can you help me with some things about to create games like this?

I already did one , but in flash :( but I regretted...

But if you can't I'll understand

Thank's and sorry for the incovenience.

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You are welcome :3

You can watch video about Unreal Engine 4 or Unity, choose where to make your game, and then read or watch a lot of tutorials how to make games in one of these game engines ;) I made my with the help of UE4.

Wish you success!!! :)

Офигенная игра,создатель нереально крут!